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Study in Germany without a closed bank account

Before studying in Germany, the student needs to submit a visa for the purpose of study obtained from one of the German embassies and consulates, which is granted after submitting financial proof indicating his financial ability to cover his study expenses for a minimum period of one year, which is the most concern for foreign students coming from countries outside the Union. European. Is it possible to study in Germany without a bank account?

Studying in Germany without a bank account is an opportunity available to foreign students who are already in Germany, as they do not need to provide proof of financial financing for their studies because they are already on German soil, and public universities do not need tuition fees in addition to the entitlement of refugees recognized for their residence to obtain a loan It is for students called BAFö... But you can also have this opportunity under different conditions.

Financing through the sponsor (alternative to a closed bank account)

Studying in Germany without a bank account currently has a solution with financing by a guarantor as an alternative to a closed bank account, where he makes a pledge in Germany by signing a document of full sponsorship with the Foreigners’ Department and it is called in Germany Verpflichtungserklärung, what are the conditions that must be met by the guarantor?

  1. The guarantor - the guarantor - must be of German nationality or have permanent or temporary residence, the latter of which helps residents in the country to enjoy all the advantages of a German citizen in work, study, or investment, except for the right to vote in elections. 
  2. The net monthly salary of the guarantor after-tax deduction should not be less than 2500 euros, that is, he must be financially able to cover the expenses of a foreign student, meaning his monthly salary or the financial return from his investment or fixed work that covers all his personal expenses and taxes in addition to the existence of a financial surplus amounting to 800 euros, which is the amount set by the state for the monthly expenses of a foreign student.
  3. If you are wondering, is someone willing to sponsor financially in this way? The answer is yes because it is not required to give you money, he is only in front of the German government to take care of you, as it is required that he be a good citizen against whom cases or complaints have not been registered in Germany. 

What is a closed bank account?

If the word closed catches your eye and wonder why it sticks to the end of a bank account? Because a closed account can only withdraw money from it after depositing it when its owner arrives in Germany.

It is evidence that foreign students have enough money to help them study and provide for daily needs for a whole year, and it is one of the most important conditions for obtaining a residence visa.

The minimum amount to open a closed bank account according to the decision of the DAAD website – German Cultural Exchange is 10,236 euros per year, at a monthly rate of approximately 853 euros. 

German banks that offer closed account service

German banks provide this service in some of them, but not all, so you can view them and choose the best among them, and they are only four banks:

  • Deutsche Bank
  • Fintiba
  • Expatriate
  • Coracle

In the past years, only one bank was responsible for providing this service, but now the number of banks licensed for such services has increased, as the student must complete this process manually at his country's embassy for the country to verify the embassy, ​​and because of these procedures, parents must expect high fees to complete paperwork.

What is unique about the matter is that banks are not satisfied with opening a closed account, but rather provide health insurance and all other procedures.

But it is important to turn to these banks because German laws prohibit dealing with banks that are not fully licensed to ensure obtaining a visa without any obstacles.

Study in Germany without a closed bank account

Studying in Germany without a closed bank account is one of the possible options, but this option is rarely used because most international students prefer a bank account, in addition to the lack of a financial sponsor for most students.

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