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Schengen France - procedures for obtaining a visa

Today we will learn about how to obtain a France Schengen, the requirements for a France visa, and the steps taken in order to obtain a French visa, in addition to the length of time that a person must wait until his visa is extracted.

Procedures for obtaining Schengen France

  1. The first step to obtaining the French Schengen is to go and book an appointment for the visa and pay the visa fees.
  2. The person applying for the Schengen France prints the appointment booking paper, and prepares for the appointment.
  3. The person goes to the reception youth, and if the person is with his family or one of his family members such as the husband, the person must go directly to the family reception window.

France Schengen requirements

  1. Visa application The person applying for the visa must have filled out the application in his handwriting, and the France Schengen visa form can be downloaded from here  Visa_Form_France_Schengen_Revised
  2. Submit the passport with the submission of the second signature page in the passport, and it is preferable to take a copy of the first four pages in the passport.
  3. Provide the salary definition for the applicant, and it must be translated into French.
  4. Submit a hotel reservation.
  5. Provide Med Gulf insurance , and Saudi brothers can get Med Gulf insurance from here .
  6. Submit a personal photo of the applicant measuring 4 x 6, please note that each application has its own photo.
  7. Submit flight reservations.
  8. Submit a current bank statement with enough for the person's period of stay in France.
  9. Submit copies of previous visas, if any.
  10. Pay the France Schengen visa fee of 60 euros.
  11. Go to the imaging room and take fingerprints.

A look at Schengen France

If you want to travel to France for tourism and enjoy the scenic views, or for other purposes such as asylum , after reading this article, please review the website of the French embassy or consulate in your country, and inquire about visa fees to avoid changes in French visa fees.

The duration of the French Schengen extraction

In the Gulf countries, the visa is issued after applying for a period ranging from 10 to 12 days, except in some cases that are somewhat delayed, and in other Arab countries from 10 days to 30 days.

France visa tips

  1. France is a beautiful country and many people are looking to visit it, especially the brothers in the Gulf countries, especially the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They go with many other passports of citizens.
  2. When you collect your papers, try not to forget anything, or exclude some papers and do not take them with you because from your point of view they are not important, so you will be late in obtaining the visa.

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