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Providing asylum to Germany through the Internet 2022

Is it possible to submit asylum to Germany through the Internet 2022? How can I apply for asylum in Germany? Where is asylum offered in Germany? What are the reasons and conditions for applying for asylum in Germany? What are the reasons for refusing asylum?

All these questions will be answered today, and whoever has any question related to today's topic can ask his question in the comment box below.

Is it possible to provide asylum to Germany through the Internet 2022?

It is not possible to apply for asylum in Germany through the Internet, and those who wish to apply for asylum must arrive in Germany and submit the application form within Germany.

Any agency that tells you that you can apply for asylum in Germany online on your behalf is actually deceiving you and you should not believe this agency.

Where is asylum offered in Germany?

Asylum is offered in Germany after arriving at the German border, or in German asylum centers, and the application can also be submitted through police stations in Germany.

It is also possible to submit an application for asylum in Germany upon arrival at German airports, but asylum must be submitted in the airport hall far from the transit hall in Germany because those who apply for asylum in the transit hall are rejected. After all, the landing hall is treated as an international land.

Therefore, the asylum seeker must leave the transit hall if the arrival to Germany is through a transit flight to be able to submit his application.

Reasons for asylum in Germany

Anyone can request humanitarian asylum in Germany, but only those who meet the conditions and reasons for asylum are accepted. Here is a look at the reasons:

  • Wars and armed conflicts.
  • color or race.
  • sexual orientation
  • because of religion.
  • political activities.

There must be a danger to your life due to one of the reasons mentioned above such as being imprisoned, tortured, abused, dying as a result of a death sentence, or the like.

How can humanitarian asylum be granted to Germany?

Some arrival in Germany You can choose the place to apply for asylum that suits you, but it is preferable to submit asylum within the first 7 days of arriving in Germany and not later than that.

After arrival, you must register for asylum in Germany at the police station or in the place you want from the places described in the previous lines, with an explanation of the reasons that prompted you to seek asylum, whether your escape from your country was due to wars and conflicts or for political reasons or the like, as it was also clarified during the previous lines.

Is it possible to provide humanitarian asylum to Germany from abroad?

Yes, humanitarian asylum can be submitted to Germany from abroad, but it is not intended to provide asylum to Germany through the Internet, asylum can be submitted by registering with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

After doing this, UNHCR selects the persons registered with it and then nominates them for resettlement in Germany.

After that, the German embassy decides who is eligible for asylum in Germany.

Asylum to Germany through the commission is granted to a small group because this type depends on a specific quota for each country, and Germany has a specific quota through the commission.

As for the provision of asylum to Germany after arrival, it is not linked to a quota, but the most important thing is that you have sufficient reasons to obtain asylum in Germany because the absence of reasons and evidence means that your asylum application is rejected.

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