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Professions in demand in Italy 2022

Knowing the professions required in Italy 2022 is very important for people wishing to move and immigrate to Italy, especially with the relatively high unemployment rate, and the low level of wages in Italy compared to Western European countries.

The global site LinkedIn published a list of the best jobs in Italy in 2022 in terms of the level of demand, according to the data it collected.

According to the study published by the site, which you can view at the end of this article, the technology sector has acquired a large category of jobs required in Italy in 2022.

Professions in demand in Italy 2022

Here is an overview of the most in-demand professions in Italy, according to LinkedIn:

  • HR Analyst.
  • Data management consultant.
  • Data engineer.
  • Cloud computing engineer.
  • Those working in the business development and marketing strategies sector.
  • Machine learning engineer.
  • Robotics engineer.
  • Cyber ​​Security Specialist.
  • Employees in banking services.
  • data scientist.
  • Staff in clinical practice and oncology.
  • investment managers.
  • Engineers.
  • HR workers.
  • web developers.
  • Customer service staff.

Required jobs in Italy 2022 in general

Away from the list published on Linkedin, many jobs have witnessed high demand in the recent period, in addition to some jobs that have witnessed almost constant demand for a long time, and these are the most prominent jobs required in the labor market in Italy 2022:

  • Health professions → are among the professions that have witnessed great demand, especially after the outbreak of the Coronavirus.
  • Teaching.
  • e-marketing sector.
  • chemical products industry.
  • Communication and information technology.
  • Automotive industry sector.
  • Insurance.
  • The engineering sector in general.
  • Bank managers.
  • college professors.
  • Lawyers.

unemployment in Italy

Italy was greatly affected after the global financial crisis in 2008, where the Italian unemployment peaked at 12.7% in 2014, but then the unemployment rate in Italy decreased to 9% and approached 10% during this year.

Some Italian regions and cities have been greatly affected, and even nowadays there is a significant rise in unemployment, such as in Sicily and Campania.

The major Italian cities, such as Rome and Milan, they have a lower unemployment rate with greater competition in the Italian labor market, in addition to the high cost of living in major cities.

The best professions in Italy in terms of salaries 

Here is a look at Italy's best-paid jobs:

  1. Dentist in Italy 9000 euros
  2. Construction Projects Manager €6800
  3. For an aviation engineer in Italy 4800 euros
  4. The air traffic controller 4100 euros
  5. Flight attendant in Italy 2,700 euros
  6. The accountant in Italy 2800 euros
  7. Architect in Italy 4600 Euro
  8. CFO in Italy 7500 Euro
  9. Bank manager in Italy 6900 euros
  10. The teacher in Italy 2850 euros
  11. Programmer in Italy 3600 euros
  12. Office manager 3300 euros
  13. CEO 8700 euros
  14. CFO Italy 7900
  15. Network Engineer in Italy 3650 Euro

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