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Is the language required to study in Germany

The level of language required to study in Germany means that you are proficient in it. It is one of the most important and strongest reasons for accepting your application to apply to universities or educational institutes in Germany, as it qualifies you to enable you to have the four skills in the German language to obtain a visa from the German embassy in your country.

Therefore, you must raise your academic level in the language so that you can achieve your dream, because most German public universities teach their educational materials in German, and the second and less popular language is English.

Study German German

The German language is one of the languages ​​that are easy to learn, and unlike other languages ​​such as English or Asian, learning it does not take much time or demand to skip the number of levels that can continue to be learned for years until it reaches the point of mastery.

Moreover, the age factor does not have an impact on learning German as long as you follow the fruitful steps with passion and patience with persistence.

Learning the German language opens up a lot of opportunities for your future, the most prominent of which is working in Germany and the best of which is studying as the people of the country in a country that is educationally classified as one of the most powerful countries in the world in education.

If you are looking for the required level to study in Germany, you must first know some points that will help you travel:

Before you start learning German or other languages, consider learning it for the purpose of use and not to obtain an official certificate proving that you are good at solving questions without actually being able to live with it.

Be serious while learning the language.

Make sure to practice the language with its people through applications or go to the places where the language speakers are located in your country before traveling to start studying.

Strengthen your understanding of the language by listening to it daily and at a regular pace on YouTube, and it is preferable to repeat the conversations after hearing it because of its benefits. 

While learning the language, make up everyday situations, put yourself in the center of them, and try to express yourself using them.

Don't be afraid of making mistakes while learning, don't get nervous or anxious, and don't wait until you've mastered the language to speak.

The language level required to study in Germany

The German language is divided into 6 levels the level of Europe A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, and certainly you do not need to pass the levels successfully to study abroad, each stage of study contains requirements and levels required that differ from the other, and most universities and specializations in Germany do not need of the student is not reaching level C1.

Required language level for a Bachelor's degree

The language level required to study in Germany is C1 for a bachelor's degree in CEFR or DSH Il level.

Unlike master's and doctoral degrees, the options to study English in Germany at the bachelor’s level are limited.

Required language level for a master's degree

To study for a master's degree at a German university, the applicant must take the DSH l test or the DSH Il level in German.

The language level required for the Ph.D. degree

The doctorate differs from the different stages of study where the requirement of German language proficiency or a specific level of the doctorate does not apply, as the condition is subject to the awarding body of universities or research centers, so you must refer to the German educational institution, as it may not sometimes request a certificate of German language proficiency from students.

Certificates proving the language level required to study German

The DSH is a globally recognized test for study in Germany, as it is only taken on German soil and is not available outside. 

The TestDaF is a test that places German as a foreign language, available in 90 countries around the world, and you can learn about the test or find out questions about it and its dates from special websites.

Certificates equivalent to DSH l

  • “Abitur”, a qualification that helps study in German universities.
  • Obtaining a “Feststellungsprüfungszeugnis” exam certificate.
  • “Goethe-Institut Test” Goethe-Institut Test Certificate.
  • Main German Language Diploma (New Goethe Exam C2) 
  • Large German Language Diploma 2012.
  • If the study is in the field of arts or music, the telc Deutsch B1 certificate is accepted. 

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