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Immigration to Germany from the UAE

haw Immigration to Germany does not differ in terms of procedures from the mechanism of immigration to Germany from any other Arab country.

During today's meeting, we will learn about the ways to immigrate to Germany from the Emirates, in addition to the conditions for immigration from the Emirates, and some points related to today's topic.

Conditions for immigration to Germany from the UAE

First, to be able to immigrate to Germany from the UAE, you must obtain a work contract in Germany, and you can obtain a work contract either through friends and acquaintances or through direct communication with employers in Germany via the Internet, as we will explain in the coming lines.

The second condition of immigration to Germany is that no German citizen or resident of Germany or a citizen of the European Economic Area and the European Union can work in this job.

The employer in Germany must advertise the job well and for a sufficient period, and then if the employer does not find someone to hire him, the employer can extract a work contract in Germany to bring a skilled worker from outside Germany.

Ways to immigrate to Germany from the Emirates

There are many ways that you can benefit from immigrating to Germany from the Emirates, and we will learn about the three most popular ways to immigrate to Germany, and the third method is the most way you can benefit and start taking direct steps towards moving to Germany... Let's start...

Immigration to Germany through a work contract

If you have a friend or someone you know in Germany, he can help you obtain a work contract in Germany by nominating you to one of the companies operating in Germany.

This method differs in terms of the ease of obtaining employment contracts compared to Arab countries, because the terms of employment in the UAE and Arab countries are easier, unlike in Germany.

If you obtain a work contract in Germany, you can follow the procedures for obtaining a German visa through the German embassy in the UAE, as we will learn in the last paragraph in detail.

Immigrate to Germany via the Internet

This method is the most famous and prominent method of immigration to Germany from the Emirates, and this method is based on searching for vacant job opportunities in Germany through the Internet, through employment sites in Germany, which we will learn about in the coming lines.

Through these sites, you can enter and search for jobs suitable for your field of work in the UAE, then start communicating with employers directly.

Using this method requires patience and not getting bored because many employers may not respond to your request, especially since most of the employers on these sites are looking for people from inside Germany exclusively.

Immigrate to Germany through a German work search visa

Germany has many types of visas, and one of these visas is the job search visa in Germany, which is an official visa issued for six months.

Through this visa, you can travel to Germany and stay in Germany for 6 months to search for work in Germany on the ground.

And if you can get a job in Germany, you can stay in Germany without having to leave for the UAE again, and apply to convert the job search visa to a work residence in Germany officially.

How do you look for a job in Germany?

If you are residing outside Germany or even inside Germany, you can search for jobs in Germany through the Internet, and this is a look at the most famous job sites in Germany on the Internet:


It is a social network that connects employers and job seekers in Germany and other countries of the world.

Linkedin is the best job site in the world. Through this site, you can search for work in the city you want to move to within Germany. You can also specify the job title and other advantages that make the search for vacancies in Germany easy and smooth.

Papers and conditions for traveling to Germany from the Emirates

After obtaining a work contract from Germany, you must start the procedures for applying for a German national visa, which is a long visa that allows you to stay in Germany for a long period. You can apply for a visa by following the following steps:

  1. Visiting the German consulate in Dubai requires booking an appointment in advance to apply for a German visa, and you can book the appointment via the official email of the embassy:
  2. Before going to the embassy, ​​you must fill out the online Germany visa form from here.
  3. A passport is valid for at least six months.
  4. Two recent photographs, with no more than 6 months elapsed from the date of applying for the German visa.
  5. A valid residence permit in the UAE for residents.
  6. Work experience certificates.
  7. School certificate.
  8. Some professions in Germany require a German language proficiency certificate.
  9. Providing any other papers required by the German Embassy in Abu Dhabi or the German Consulate in Dubai.

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