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He is a refugee entitled to travel to Egypt

He is a refugee entitled to travel to Egypt What are the countries allowed to travel from Germany for refugees? What are the consequences of a refugee traveling abroad from Germany?

Is a refugee entitled to travel to Egypt?

Yes, a refugee can travel to Egypt from Germany, but on the condition that he obtain full asylum in Germany or German secondary residence, as the refugee who obtains full asylum is granted a German travel document with which he can move outside Germany.

If the refugee obtains subsidiary protection, he must possess his own passport, and if the refugee cannot obtain a passport from the embassy of his country in Germany, he can apply for a travel document for aliens in Germany through the office of the Aliens Department in the municipality or The city in which he resides.

In this case, the refugee is prohibited from traveling outside Germany

Foreigners are not allowed to travel outside Germany if the asylum application is still being considered and processed by the authorities of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.

In this case, the asylum seeker is not allowed to move even within Germany, and he is only allowed to live in the German state in which he applied for asylum until his application is decided and he obtains full asylum or obtains the right of subsidiary protection in Germany.

Countries allowed to travel from Germany for refugees

A refugee can travel from Germany to all countries of the world, except for the country of origin of the refugee's nationality.

Consequences of traveling from Germany for refugees

The most prominent consequence of a refugee’s travel from Germany to his country is the withdrawal of asylum, as it is prohibited for a refugee to travel to his home country, according to the German Asylum Law. country in the world.

In the case of the refugee traveling to the home country, this means that the reason for protection and asylum that was granted to a refugee in Germany has been forfeited and there is no longer any danger to the refugee’s life, and therefore this may lead to the withdrawal of asylum from Germany for this person.

To avoid withdrawal of asylum in Germany, the refugee must inform the foreign department to which he belongs before traveling, and the refugee must have a strong reason such as visiting the father, mother, or a family member due to illness or the like.

After approval by the Aliens Department to travel, the refugee must take into account that he will not be absent outside Germany for more than 90 days within 6 months from the date of travel.

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