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Conditions required to immigrate to Italy | Immigration and work in Italy

The conditions required to immigrate to Italy are not many, but meeting the conditions for immigration to Italy requires patience and work.

Immigration and work procedures in Italy are considered one of the easiest procedures for immigration to Europe due to the presence of a large Arab community in Italy.

In today's guide on Italian immigration, we will touch on some important points about Italian immigration, such as the conditions for permanent residence in Italy.

We will also discuss employment contracts in Italy and the difference between immigration for work and humanitarian asylum in Italy.

Clarifying the difference between the two matters is very important because of the confusion of many who wish to immigrate and seek asylum in Italy.

Conditions required to immigrate to Italy

  • Finding a sponsor or business owner in Italy
  • Obtaining a work contract in Italy
  • Procedures for traveling to Italy
  • Immigration and work in Italy

Finding a sponsor or business owner in Italy

Finding a sponsor or an employer in Italy is important. Without a sponsor, a person cannot immigrate to Italy.

The sponsor can be found through direct communication via the Internet or through a friend or relative in Italy.

Obtaining a sponsor and working in Italy through the Internet is more difficult than finding job opportunities in Italy through acquaintances.

Employers in Italy or other countries of the world always prefer those who can deal and agree with them face to face.

Whoever has a friend in Italy can help to find a job in Italy by communicating with employers.

Also, a person can search for an opportunity to work in Italy through online job search sites in Italy.

The most popular job search sites in Italy

  • infojobs
  • subito
  • jobinrome

Through these sites, it is possible to find the appropriate work and then search with the employer for an opportunity to work for him.

Obtaining a work contract in Italy

After finding the employer and finding a job in Italy, the employer can start issuing a work contract in Italy for the worker from outside Italy.

Through this contract, the worker can come to Italy and start working in his own job.

Procedures for traveling to Italy

After the work contract arrives from Italy, the worker can start the procedures and papers to travel to Italy from his country.

The procedures are not long and the requirements and papers required for immigration to Italy are as follows:

  • Employment contract sent from Italy.
  • The person's passport, and the passport must be unexpired and have blank pages.
  • Two personal photos of the worker, such as the one in the passport.
  • Pay the Italian visa fees.
  • Medical examination.
  • A criminal record that shows that the person's record is free of crimes.

Immigration and work in Italy

After completing all travel procedures to Italy, the person obtains a visa to travel to Italy for work.

After arrival, there will be some procedures regarding work permit and residence permit in Italy, and these procedures are being worked on quickly.

Conditions for permanent residence in Italy

The first condition for permanent residence in Italy is to obtain a work contract in Italy, but not a seasonal work contract.

Seasonal work contracts in Italy are for a specific period and then the person returns to his country again.

As for the long Italian work contracts, they give the person an opportunity to immigrate and work in Italy with a renewable contract.

This contract is through obtaining permanent residence in Italy and after permanent residence obtaining Italian citizenship.

Immigration to Italy through tourism

The Italian government classifies this method as one of the ways of illegal immigration to Italy, although things are going legal at first.

This method depends on breaking the Italian visa after arrival and then starting to look for work in Italy and not return.

There are also those who think of asylum in Italy through tourism, and the holder of a tourist visa applies for asylum in Italy after arrival.

In the next article in the series of immigration to Italy, we will learn everything about breaking the Italian visa and the consequences that may follow.

We will also discuss how to legally amend matters in case of violating the visa laws and working with the Italian tourist visa.

humanitarian asylum in Italy

Many people confuse the conditions required to immigrate to Italy with the conditions for asylum in Italy.

Things are very different, humanitarian asylum is granted to people who are subject to persecution in their country and cannot return to their country.

Anyone wishing to obtain humanitarian asylum in Italy needs to arrive in Italy first.

After arriving on Italian territory, a person can apply for humanitarian asylum in Italy and provide reasons and evidence for it.

As for the conditions required to immigrate to Italy, they are for people wishing to work in Italy voluntarily.

These people are in their country or in other countries, but they are not at risk if they stay or return to their country.


That's all about the conditions required to immigrate to Italy. For more information, you can refer to  the Italian immigration portal .

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