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Tourism in Tunisia.. Information

Tunisia is one of the most prominent Arab tourist countries, which is characterized by the diversity of its picturesque nature. It has the sea and charming beaches, green mountains, and the golden desert. In this article, we will learn some useful information about tourism in Tunisia.

Tourism in Tunisia

Quick tip

  • Tunisia is located in North Africa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Citizens of Arab countries need a visa that can be extracted from the embassy of their country.
  • The official currency is the Tunisian dinar.
  • Tunisia is an inexpensive country suitable for people with limited income.
  • The most suitable time to visit Tunisia is from January to June.

Arrival in Tunisia

Tunisia can be reached by one of the following means:

  1. Aviation, through the main airport in the country, is  Carthage International Airport,  which is located near the city of Tunis, and there is another airport used for cheap flights, which is  Habib Bourguiba Airport in the city of Monastir.
  2. The boat and most of the men across the sea are through the port of Goulette, near the capital, Tunis.

Commuting between Tunisian cities

You can move between Tunisian cities through:

  • The plane, through a network of airports distributed between the cities of Tunisia, you can view the website of the Tunisian Express Company on this link to book one of these flights.
  • Express train, through a network of trains distributed throughout Tunisia, you can visit the website of the Tunisian National Railways on this link.
  • Buses, a network of buses operated by the Tunis Transport Company to connect cities with regular flights.
  • The car uses the modern highway network between Tunisian cities.

The most famous tourist cities

  • The city of Tunis (the capital), where the Zayouna Mosque, one of the oldest Islamic mosques, has many beautiful old neighbourhoods and buildings that the visitor can enjoy.
  • The city of Sousse, a coastal city located to the south of the city of Tunis, is characterized by its wonderful old markets, full of textiles and various handicrafts.
  • The city of Hammamet, which is about 60 km from the capital, is a distinctive destination for those who want to enjoy the sea and beaches, which are characterized by their beautiful weather even in the summer.
  • Monastir, an ancient city with antiquities dating back to the ancient Islamic era, is characterized by its calm, splendid beaches, and ancient markets. And where the tomb of the late leader Habib Bourguiba.
  • The city of Mahdia, located near the city of Monastir, is characterized by its wonderful and long sandy beach, which is an excellent destination for those seeking rest and recreation.
  • The city of Sfax, which is about three hours away from the city of Tunis, is famous for its architecture and popular neighbourhoods.
  • The city of Sidi Bou Said, which is located on a high hill overlooking the sea, is characterized by the character of its magnificent architecture, with its blue colour, which gives beauty to that city.

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