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Ideas and tricks to help you travel at the lowest possible costs!

Nowadays, travel has become more of a pleasure and a hobby than for a specific occasion such as treatment or work.

Many people find in travel countless benefits that accrue to the person himself first and to those around him.

For this reason, travellers and those looking for it are constantly looking for tricks, ideas and different ways that will enable them to travel at the lowest possible costs.

The following is a mention of those ideas and methods that were found and written down by many contemporary travellers.

Tips and tricks to help you travel at the lowest costs

Travel Tickets

The most important and most expensive thing is travel tickets, especially for travellers from the Arab regions to European countries or to East Asian countries, as they constitute the largest financial burden, and the following are mentioned the most important ideas for getting cheap travel tickets (for more details, you can read the article “ Ideas for booking travel tickets ” cheap ”):

  1. Search more than one destination, city and airport near the place you want to travel to, some airports and nearby cities are cheaper than the main cities.
  2. Choose the appropriate time to travel and stay away from the famous travel seasons and festive periods. Also, pre-booking a period before the date of travel.
  3. Resorting to charter flights and staying away from government and major airlines in the country.

Using specialized internet sites to search for the cheapest flights. The most famous and best of these sites are:

  • Skyscanner website.
  • Kayak time.
  • SkySky website.
  • Google Flights website.
  • Expedia website.
  • Chance Momondo.
  • TripAdvisor.

overnight stay

Many travellers and many travellers try to stay away from staying overnight in hotels because it is considered the most expensive way to stay overnight in travel, and they always advise people to resort to other ways and multiple means of staying overnight, but even if you want to stay overnight in hotels, there are ways through which you can save money. Here are the following tips and alternatives:

  1. Reserving cheap hotels, so that you avoid hotels in the centre of the city you want to travel to, and you avoid expensive hotels and resort to 3-star or 4-star hotels after making sure that their level is suitable for you. You can use the Internet to book hotels, the most famous of which are Booking, Expedia and TripAdvisor, don't forget to look at people's ratings, the feedback they provide and attached photos to see the level of the hotel from the point of view of its visitors. Try looking at the hotel's website, it may offer you a better price than those sites.
  2. Renting an entire house or a room directly from its owners, through the Airbnb site, where people rent their homes or rent rooms in their homes directly and without an intermediary, may be a good option for families to book a whole house for them in their privacy.
  3. Overnight in the hostel, which is similar to a hotel, except that you rent a bed in a room full of beds, and the bathroom and kitchen are shared between the tenants. Of course, this option is much cheaper than the hotel, but it is not suitable for families. Reservations can be made through or
  4. Staying with people for free, as there is a site called  Couchsurfing that announces people in various countries of the world about their willingness to receive people and tourists in their homes for free, it is okay to try it.
  5. Camping in a portable tent, which is only suitable in rural natural places, and in summer periods, is not suitable for families.


Here are some tips for internal transfers in the city you want to travel to or between nearby cities:

  • Never use taxis, as they are the most expensive method ever, in addition to the many fraud cases that occur by taxi owners.
  • Traditional taxis can be replaced by using modern services from companies such as Uber and Careem, all you have to do is download these applications on your mobile device and use it. This method may be relatively expensive, but it is certainly cheaper than taxis, noting that the use of such applications is prohibited in several countries in the world.
  • The best and most economical alternative is to use public transportation such as buses, metro and others. Learn about the public transportation network in the city, and you can use applications that help you learn about these public roads and their dates, such as Google Maps, where you specify the place you want to go and it will show you all the public means of access to that place. And the GoEuro app shows you the cheapest way in Europe.
  • Free hitchhiking, which means standing in the street and waiting for a car to pick you up for free, use  for more details.
  • If you are a group or the places you want to visit are far apart and not covered by public transportation, it is possible to rent a private car for this reason, as it is the best way in those cases.

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