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Tourism guide in Greek Cyprus for Arabs.. A set of useful information!

greek Cyprus tourism

    Greek Cyprus is a distinct tourist destination for visitors from different countries of the world. In this article, we will learn about the most important tourist places and how to travel in Greek Cyprus to achieve the most fun possible.

Basic information about tourism in Cyprus

    Cyprus (officially: the Republic of Cyprus), is a country located in the Mediterranean Sea, which was divided in 1974 into two parts; Part with a Greek majority (in the center and south), and part with a Turkish majority (in the north). The Republic of Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004, so the main currency in Cyprus is the  Euro.

    Greek is the official language in the central and southern region, and the majority of the population profess the Orthodox Christian religion. Its capital is Nicosia.

Does Cyprus need a visa?

    The Republic of Cyprus is part of the Schengen countries that allow Schengen visa holders to enter its territory. Also, a local special visa for the Republic of Cyprus can be obtained from its embassies around the world.

Tourism in Greek Cyprus


Cypriot tourist cities

  1. Nicosia is the divided capital between Turkish and Greek Cyprus.
  2. Ayia Napa, and is the second city in terms of tourism, as it is an ideal place for recreation in light of the picturesque beach nature, and is suitable for all ages.
  3. Larnaca is distinguished by its combination of the beauty of nature, beautiful historical monuments, and contains several distinctive resorts, and beautiful tourist beaches.
  4. Limassol, which is the second-largest Cypriot city, has many centers for sea diving and water skiing, and there are several historical monuments, the most important of which is the ancient castle dating back to the tenth century AD.
  5. Paphos, located in the south of Cyprus, is considered its cultural capital, and it is rich in cultural and historical monuments. It also contains several bathrooms and waterfalls, which make it a destination for visitors.

Tourist activities in Greek Cyprus

    The following activities can be enjoyed in Cyprus:

  1. Water activities, such as diving, water skiing, and other sports, where Limassol is very famous.
  2. Visiting historical monuments, as all of Cyprus is a historical destination, with many beautiful monuments that are included in the UNESCO list.
  3. Recreation on the beaches, as Cyprus is distinguished by its many picturesque beaches, where you can spend several days there for the purpose of recreation and relaxation.
  4. Enjoy the baths, the most famous of which is the “Prince Bath” located in Nicosia, which dates back to the 14th century AD.

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