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How to issue or renew the passport electronically for Jordanians

With the recent launch of the electronic passport issuance and renewal service in Jordan, people can renew their passports or issue a passport without having to stand for a long time to make such a transaction. It has become necessary to know the details of how to renew the passport electronically or to issue a new passport in the electronic form to Jordanians, which is the subject of our article.

How to issue a passport electronically
How to issue a passport electronically

Conditions for applying for electronic passport renewal or issuing a new passport

  • The person must have an account on the Civil Status website (this will be explained later).
  • The registered person must have a direct relationship with the person for whom the passport application is to be made (husband/wife and children only!).
  • The person concerned must have a smart ID card.
  • The person concerned must have a military service book and it has been postponed.
  • Attach the yellow bridges cards and the Palestinian and Israeli cards for those who hold them.
  • Obtaining approval from the General Command of the military and their wives. Or a letter from the affairs of individuals or officers for employees of public security, civil defense, and the gendarmerie.
  • A copy of the foreign passport for those who hold it.
  • Pay the service fee, which is determined according to the applicable fee instructions according to the location, age, and status of the passport. The delivery costs are also added to each parcel sent containing the total documents submitted according to the delivery companies (from 2.5 dinars - to 3.5 dinars).

How to renew the passport electronically for Jordanians or issue a new Jordanian passport

1- Create an account on the Civil Status Department website

    To find out how to issue a passport for the first time or renew it electronically for Jordanians, you must first register an account on the Civil Status Department website. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Go to the e-services page on the Civil Status Department website (link).
  • Click on “ Create a new account ”.
  • Enter the basic information, which is the following:
  1. The national number (with the need to enter the letter next to the national number).
  2. The place and a number of the civil registration (can be found on the civil status card from the back).
  3. date of birth.
  4. Your current location (country, city, and the nearest civil office to you).
  • On the next page, you must enter personal information, which is the following:
  1. The phone number (with the addition of the country code for Jordan, which is 00962).
  2. Email.
  3. The phone number and email must be activated, by pressing the “ Activate ” next to the number and email and entering the confirmation number that you will receive in the form of a message on the phone and email to confirm the validity of the number and email used.
  • The password for the new account is written (it must contain lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and symbols, at least two symbols. The number of characters must be from 8 to 16 characters).
  • Upload a photo (selfie) of you holding a civil status card so that the photo is clear and the lighting is appropriate.
  • Finally, enter the visual code, agree to the terms and conditions, and press the “ Submit ”.
  • A message will be sent to inform you of the acceptance or rejection, the acceptance message will be with the text “Your request number XXXX has been accepted, you can issue your electronic services .”

2- Submitting a passport renewal application or issuing it for the first time

    After registering a new account on the Civil Status website, the role of submitting an application to issue a passport for the first time or to renew it electronically is as follows:

  • The first access is made to the e-services page on the Civil Status Department website (link).
  • The national number and the previously defined password are entered.
  • On the main page, you will find on the left of the screen “ Passport Services ”, you must click on it and choose the type of required service (issuance for the first time or renewal), and wait for a while.
  • Read the instructions that appear, and press Next.
  • Choose the owner of the relationship (the person you want to issue or renew the passport, which can be the husband/wife or children only)
  • You must complete filling in the required information on the appearing page, such as:
  1. The location of the person concerned.
  2. Foreign passport data, in case you have one.
  3. Bridge card details, in case you have one.
  4. Information of military personnel, in case you are.
  5. Notes on the passport, and choose “Disbursed in place of a previous passport” if you wish.
  • Click on the Next.
  • If you are not deferred for the flag service book, a message will appear to you in this regard, as it must be postponed first from the authorized body for that.
  • A page will appear for you to review the information, then you will choose “ Reason for passport renewal ” if you chose to renew it.
  • You also need to upload some of the files he requests according to your transaction, including uploading a recent personal photo.
  • Click on the Next.
  • Finally, you choose the appropriate method of receipt, either to receive it through one of the status offices, or delivery via Jordan Post or through Aramex, and then put the receiving address in detail.
  • Also, you choose the payment method, which is limited to electronic payment via the e-Fawateercom service.
  • Click on the “ Submit ” button. Subsequently, the application process and its status will be followed up through the main page of the electronic portal on the Civil Status website.

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