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How to install and use the stroller correctly and safely for children.

The question that comes to the minds of many mothers who have young children is how to install this stroller. This stroller, which saves trouble and fatigue for women and helps healthily carry children, has many additions according to the manufacturers, but most of them contain a basket for carrying items found Below it in addition to sunscreen, a place to put a milk bottle, and other additions that can be used.

How to install and use the stroller
How to install and use the stroller

How to install the stroller

    How to install the stroller depends on knowing the parts of the stroller. Most of the strollers consist of eight double wheels, each two on one side. The two rear wheels have brakes that help stop the stroller when standing on an inclined surface.

    The method of installing the stroller varies greatly among the stroller manufacturers (the most famous of which are Chicco, Junior, Yoyo, Graco, etc.), the best and safest way is to read the user manual carefully and carefully. , in which you will find the definitive answer to that.

    In general, the following steps help install the stroller:

  1. Take out all components of the cart from their packaging, and identify them according to the user manual.
  2. Start by assembling the larger pieces first, including the entire stroller body.
  3. Make sure that the parts to be assembled are the same as described in the user manual.
  4. Often, you need to install the wheels manually when the body assembly is finished.
  5. Then, you need to install the sunscreen, and the lower basket later.

How to use the stroller

1- Lock the stroller wheels

    The wheels are locked in the stroller through the small brakes located at the top of the two rear wheels, where they must be pressed downwards to install the brakes on the wheels and prevent them from moving completely, and when the brakes are raised upwards, the wheels will run normally.

2- Add items to the stroller

    Items that you would like to carry with you can be added to the basket under the child seat near the wheel brakes. These items may include a baby bag containing diapers, a milk carton, and some baby items such as fresheners or skin care creams. Be careful when placing any items that can cause damage to the vehicle.

3- Place the milk bottle

    There is a place to put the milk bottle which is on one side of the car. The place may vary according to the manufacturer, but it is definitely there, but you must pay attention when placing the bottle so that the nipple of the uvula is facing upwards to avoid leakage from it.

4- Make sure to use sunblock

    The sun visor is an essential part of the strollers as it helps protect children from the scorching heat of the sun,  which causes damage to their skin. The sun visor must be controlled by moving it according to the direction of the sun so that the shade remains on the child.

5- The position of the child

    In all strollers, there is a tool that helps to control the height of the stroller brushes. This tool can be controlled to place the child lying down, sitting, or half-lying. This can be controlled by pressing the tool located at the bottom of the stroller.

6- How to put the baby in the stroller

    The child should be placed in the stroller gently, and the child's feet should be checked that they have entered correctly within the T-shaped clamp, and therefore their legs must hang down a little, there is in some carts a special footrest for children to avoid them hanging out of the cart, which may It causes pain in the feet.

7- How to fold the stroller

    In all strollers, there is a feature to fold the stroller in such a way that you can carry it or put it in the trunk of the car, look for a handle located on the side of the stroller or at the bottom of the child seat, you will have to accompany this handle, in conjunction with trying to fold the stroller. Check the user manual for further clarification.

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