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How to book airline tickets without paying in eas

Many people ask about how to book airline tickets without paying. One of the requirements for any travel trip is to obtain a travel visa and book flights according to the dates of the travelers, the topic may be confusing at times, is it better to make a confirmed reservation and then pay the money?

Or make an initial reservation so that we do not pay any money? Many people may suffer at the present time in using a credit card for purchases or flight reservations on the Internet due to the great fear of theft or piracy, but things have become more secure nowadays, so it is possible to book an airline ticket without paying money.

How to book airline tickets
How to book airline tickets

How to book airline tickets without paying

Before answering how to book airline tickets without paying, you must know that most airlines rely on the reservation service and then pay at a later time. Several sites have spread and provided this service to save time for travelers and thus obtain visas to travel through flights.

Make an initial reservation

The initial reservation is a temporary and uncertain reservation that can be canceled at any moment without paying any financial costs. It is possible to make a reservation on the Internet by entering the website of various airlines that provide the ability to make an initial reservation and pay at a later time or as it is called pay later, where A printed airline ticket will be issued unpaid.

Recently, several sites have spread that provide the ability to book airline tickets without paying money, such as Flyin, which began providing its services in the Arab world, and its beginnings were in the Gulf countries until it reached Egypt, one of the most important services provided by Flyin ( link ) is The ability to book airline tickets from any airline around the world and then pay at a later time.

How to book a flight ticket from

  1. Simply go to the Flyin website.
  2. Then choose to fly in the top right corner of the site.
  3. A window will open in which the airport of departure and the airport of arrival will be entered.
  4. Then specify the date of travel and the date of arrival, after that click on the next option.
  5. A list of all available flights matching the entry options will appear. One of the flights must be selected.
  6. After pressing Next, a new page will appear, which is the payment page, where passengers' information is entered.
  7. Then choose to pay via the available means, then press the confirmation.
  8. Reservation can be canceled from the moment of booking up to three days before the flight or according to the policies of each airline.

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