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All you need to know while booking cheap tickets on SkyScanner

The world-famous website Skyscanner is one of the best and most popular sites for booking cheap tickets at the best prices, but on the other hand, many people are ignorant of the best way to use it and to find suitable travel tickets.

In this article from Pliers, I will explain how to use the Skyscanner website and book tickets through it!

All you need to know while booking travel tickets

How does the Skyscanner website work?

    Skyscanner acts as an intermediary between people and between ticket companies or airlines themselves.

It is a search engine only, that displays available flights and prices offered by different booking companies around the world. 

Therefore, the purchase process is between the browsing person and the company that displays its price directly on the Skyscanner.

How to search for cheap tickets on Skyscanner

First: The components of the home page of the Skyscanner website

    On the home page of the Skyscanner website, there are 7 important options that you should know:
  1. Choose the type of reservation to be made, there is the reservation of travel tickets (Flights), there is the reservation of hotels (Hotels), and there is the rental of cars (Car Hire), and the main page in the default mode shows the option of booking travel tickets.
  2. Choose the type of ticket, either one way, return or choose to travel between more than one city (Multi-City).
  3. Choose the city you want to travel from (From) and the city you want to travel to (To), and actually, you must choose the airport in the city, or you can choose all the airports in the port.
  4. Choose the date of travel (Depart) and the date of the return (Return).
  5. Choose the ticket category to be booked and the number of passengers (Cabin Class & Travelers).
  6. Map option It is the option to choose cities by selecting them on the map, and this option allows displaying prices for each city, enabling you to choose the cheapest city! We'll talk about that later...
  7. Choose the currency in which to display the prices, and the language of the site to be displayed.

Second: Types of the search for cheap tickets and search results page

    Next, we will learn about the form of the search results page, which varies according to the type of search to be done, as we will learn about 3 types of search:
  1. Search for flights with a specific destination (city and airport), and a specific departure and return date.
  2. Search for unspecified flights, the date of departure, and return. This is the preferred option for choosing the cheapest date!
  3. Search for unspecified routed flights (city and airport). This is the preferred option for choosing the cheapest city to go to from among several nearby cities or from more than one option.
  • Search results page for specific flights, destinations, and dates
    When searching for specific trips (the known city to which you want to travel, and the date of departure and return), you must first put the name of the city on the main page as well as the dates of going and return, so the results page will be as follows:
  1. you want to travel to, there are important options that you should know:
  2. Changing the way the search options are arranged (Sort By), where the options can be arranged according to the best, the cheapest, the fastest, or according to the number of stops (direct or indirect flights).
  3. An important and wonderful option is the ability to display prices every month and not only on the selected dates (Show hole Month) because you can choose a date when the price is cheaper than the date you chose.
  4. Another great option in Skyscanner is the option to receive alerts if the price has decreased or increased (by email), by clicking on the (Get Price Alert) button.
  5. It is also possible to filter and filter the search results through the options to the left of the screen, according to the price, the length of the flight (time), the airport, the airline, and other options.
  • The search results page for flights with no specific date of departure and return
    When searching for flights with an unspecified return date, you must choose the “Whole Month” option that appears when clicking on the travel date, then we have two options that lead to the same page, either choose the cheapest month to travel (Cheapest Month), or we choose a specific month we want to travel In it when you click on (Search Flights), the results page will be as follows:
Where it is possible to display the results and see the lowest price, which is in green, while the highest price is in red. Some dates prices need more time to search.
  • The search results page for flights with no specified destination (city)
    Sometimes some people want to travel to a specific cheap destination without specifying the city or country, and the Skyscanner site allows you to view the results by country, all you have to do is write (Everywhere) in the country you want to travel to on the main page, after selecting the departure city, then the result will be As follows, the site ranks countries and cities according to the cheapest and lowest price.
    As another option, on the main page, you will find the “Map” option, and when you click on it, the result will be as follows, you can choose the cheapest city and at which the price will appear based on the travel time specified in (Depart) at the top of the screen:

Third: Choose the appropriate flight and complete the procedures on the chosen site

As mentioned previously, the Skyscanner site is an intermediary, and all reservations are not made through it, but through the agents of airlines or the airlines themselves, so when you choose the appropriate flight, you will have several options and different prices for booking companies, choose what you see fit and complete the procedures Reservation of it.

Fourth: very important alerts and tips for dealing with Skyscanner

  • The most appropriate time to make a reservation
It is recommended to make a reservation no later than 24 weeks before the date of travel, and no later than two weeks at the latest, as during this period the prices are the best ever!
  • Check the additional prices with the service provider
After choosing the appropriate flight and going to the service provider's website, make sure that there are any possible additional fares on weights or anything else, some airlines charge more for certain services which may not appear on the Skyscanner website.
  • Choose an approved and well-known service provider
The options that Skyscanner shows are all companies, so you should pay attention to the rating that users give the company in the form of stars, before choosing the company. 

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